Can we have a coupon thread?


8 Years
Apr 11, 2011
Northwest Connecticut
Anyone have any links to coupons for chicken feed? Or for any farm animal feeds? Post them here!

Right now, i know you can play a game here and get $1 and $2 off coupons for Nutrena -

if you sign up for Purina Difference ( you get quarterly coupons for feed for whichever animals you put in (we get the goat, wild/outdoor, chicken and rabbit feed coupons). If you are new and signing up for this, use my referral code when you sign up - 20110414-66-05918483

There is also a link that says "buy 2 bags and get $10 off" - if you click on it it shows which feeds you can buy and how much the savings are ($10 on two bags of horse feeds, $3 on 2 bags of chicken feeds, etc.)

I also just signed up for the newsletter, etc. from Nutrena, but I am not sure what that will entail yet.

Any other links/site/coupons/deals out there?

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