Can we own chickens in sherman tx city limits?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Singularis, Mar 13, 2012.

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    Mar 13, 2012
    We live very close to our neighbors in Sherman tx we have joined fences. We need to know if its legal. Also what breed is very low noise has a good egg production and can be a meat breed. We need an easy chicken to start with that fits our needs thanks!
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    I used to live in Sherman, many, many eons ago. However, I don't know what their laws are. There is a Section on BYC called Local Chicken Laws and Ordinances. You might get a better response if you post there. You might try doing a search within that thread on Sherman, Texas as someone may have already posted about it.

    I found out about the chicken laws where I live by first googling to find out what my house was zoned, and then reading up on the zoning laws for my neighborhood, especially as concerned setback distances from other structures and from property lines. All localities may have their own limits. Don't forget that if you have an HOA, that their rules will take precedence over the zoning laws if their rules are more restrictive.

    Also, I made sure all my immediate neighbors knew I planned on getting chickens, knew I was willing to give them eggs, and knew I was open to any complaints they might have and would work to correct any problems. Luckily they are all really excited, and several of them are now planning on getting some themselves.

    LOL, let the clucking begin.

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