Can we see some photos of Roos and Hens?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by den10hens, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. den10hens

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    May 4, 2007
    Portland, Oregon
    What about starting a thread of photos where pics can be posted showing "This is a RIR rooster at 12 weeks, and this is a RIR hen at 15 weeks, etc"

    Somewhere where chicken newbies (like me) can go and just browse and see what everyone is talking about when you talk about breeds and such.

    Maybe pointing out some of the obvious characteristics that are always mentioned, like rose combs and saddle feathers? [​IMG]

  2. CarriBrown

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    Paging Speckled Hen!!!
    I swear, she has a picture of every type of bird at every age! [​IMG]
    I go to a lot to look at different breeds, etc. You should check it out. It's a great site.
  3. speckledhen

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    Huh? what? Me? Looks around innocently.... [​IMG] Just because I love to take pictures of my Girls and Guys... I'm gonna get a rep around here if you keep saying stuff like that, LOL.
    Now, I could embarrass Suede and post his bald baby chick pictures, couldn't I? Poor baby lost his fuzz way before the feathers sprouted. I was afraid I was going to have to knit him a sweater to wear till spring.
    I really don't have that many breeds, just lots of pics of the ones I do have.

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