can we show him? beautiful, but BAD

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    My DD would love to show our 4.5 m/o BLRW, Fudge. Trouble is, he's always been independent; now that he's maturing, he's become very feisty (mean, to be less charitable). He pecks and pinches, and really hates being handled. I can manage him, but have real doubts about DD's ability. His spurs are still just little bumps, but they grow . . .

    The thing is, he is DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS. Is there a way to show him? We are in the poultry and rabbit programs in 4-H. Our coordinator is well-informed in the basics about chickens, but this is more specialized info I'm looking for.
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    Would you really want the judge to DQ your bird based on aggressiveness? I wouldn't chance it.

    Plus, if your bird is attacking you or your family members, just get rid of him. You can find several people with show quality animals that will sell their excess cockerels. No person should have to deal with a mean rooster when there are millions of sweet tempered males out there.
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    If he is THAT GOOD physically, then try what worked for me. I took a cocky cockerel and crated him in my basement so it was just me and him. He was a momma's boy in less than a week and still is. He is going to to his second show this weekend.
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    Where's his picture??
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    If you really want to show him, try to cage train him. Get a show size pen and put him in it and see how he does. You can try hand feeding treats to gentle them. We have a BCM roo who is a total a---- when he is with his hens. He is tolerable in a show cage and does ok with the handling and was decent to the judge.

    If he won't cage train, get rid of him. I was clerking this year, you won't believe how many freaked out chickens there were. We had a couple large roos who weren't with the program--not ok. The judges shouldn't have to put up with it.
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    Years ago I got BV with a really mean Polish Roo who had put deep puncture wounds in my thigh. I assume he didn't do that to the judge. His name was "Mr. Nasty". [​IMG]
  7. Wynette

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    Oh, I'd LOVE to see how he has matured!

    How is Shadow doing?
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    Quote:Ditto to all above!
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    Quote:Have you seen that happen? At what sort of show, if so? Sanctioned APA/ABA show?
  10. Chris09

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    You said he is a "4.5 m/o BLRW."
    So first off he is only going to get BOV (best of variety) at best. Because he isn't a recognised color.
    With that being said if you like him go for it.. My wife had a little silky that we showed and he pick/ bight the judges every time, he still placed well...
    Know some judges do frown at aggressive bird. Well bird that isn't supposed to have the aggressiveness.

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