Can we stop Cocci victim #2?


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Oct 4, 2009
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Wow, lost a bird almost a month ago and the dealer guy said there's bad cocci going around. I have been treating the water with Sulmet for almost 3 weeks, and now my 2nd bird has come down with something bad. Just like the first one, she is now weak in the legs and sits. Its only been a day since I now know what to look for, and she has runny bloody poop, and her tail feathers are drooping.

Odd part is the water has been medicated for about 3 weeks, in fact at a slightly higher dosage than the bottle said following my dealer's directions. So why is it not working at curing or preventing this? I am going to try to get my hands on Amprolium today...

My local feed store has tetracycline as far as antibiotics, can I use that?
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Sulmet is actually a bit harder on their systems than Corid.
Also, generally the treatment of cocci is a 5 day regimen-is there a reason you have been treating for 3 weeks?
I have been adding Sulmet to the water for almost 3 weeks because I kept detecting tan-olive runny poop from one of the two remaining birds, and after two weeks dealer guy suggested increasing dosage for 4 days. Its been 4 days and now its gotten worse.
I would try giving them some yogurt to ease the effects of the Sulmet on their systems. I find it difficult to believe that it is still cocci after 3 weeks of treatment with Sulmet.
The Sulmet for 3 weeks may be causing some of the symptoms, i.e. the bloody stool.
I personally don't think I would treat with the Corid at this point(that is strictly ME).
Maybe someone else can come along with better advice for you.
Good luck to you and hope they get better soon!
Corid is kind of expensive... and my dealer guy suggested that the tetracycline is worth a try. so the sick one has about 20-25mg of tetracycline I just gave her orally, and I just switched up the water to tetracycline from Sulmet.

I did not separate the poopy bird yet, but did spray down parts of the run especially the runny poop spots with bleach/water, and the nesting box is now being cleaned, as well as the food dishes.

Keeping the fingers crossed...
Well, under Sulmet treatments my best bird got sick, so I have no choice but to try the tetrac, that or just let her die.

I am doing the yogurt, and hoping for the best.
Yes Sulmet is very hard on their system, should never be given longer than the treatment reccomended on bottle (3-5 days?). Probably what has happened is that their digestive tract has been damaged and can't fend off other bugs or strains of cocci. I would definitely give them a break, treat with plain yogurt for a while. Then get some Corid for future problems. Hope your girl makes it.....
Well, I'm no expert, but after giving her some tetracyclene from a dropper in the morning, she was actually on her feet in the afternoon! She hadn't walked in 2 days. The plan is to treat with tetracyclene for 3 days like the directions say and give her yogurt and greens every day also. I just dosed her (day2) and will keep an eye on her.

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