Can we talk ROOS?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by bkreugar, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. bkreugar

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    Jun 18, 2008
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    Okay I currently have 28 chickens of various breeds and ages.

    12 were given to me by a lady my hausand worked with as she had too many and 2 broody hens.She just wanted to reduce her flock.She didn't know much and her chickens were wild and roosted in the trees. So she just gave us the 12 they could catch.One mature egg laying hen 6 babies (4-6 weeks) and 5 adolescents.This was in June.SO now I KNOW I have one mature rooster who is respectful and not a trouble maker .HE will do the Wing dance and TRY to mate with the mature hen they gave us.So far with no luck.I also have a 3 yr old red sex link who is flock boss and he won't go near her.Anyway I could STAND but not love to keep hm as my husband wants to be able to reproduce our own.

    I also have a little black banty roo that is about 16 weeks old and VERY small.Like the size of my 8 week old barred rock pullets.Him I LOVE. He is a total sweetie and talks all the time (trilling I guess) comes right up to you, lets you pet him etc. I am keeping him AND getting him some banty girls if need be.He was the SOLE surviver along with my red sex link when my dog got loose.

    Will the little black roo be able to service the big girls? I really doubt it.HE is top roo at the moment and the other roo will back dwon to him.But so far he is showing no mating behaviors.SO he could still turn into a jerk.

    I also KNOW that 2 more of the 12 I got from her ARE adolescent roos because of hackle feathers and fighting with my little roo and between themselves.

    I am TRYING to convince dh they need to go to freezer camp but he
    doesn't want to do that until he sees people aggression from them.I tell hm there is not enough hens with the MOST being 24 hens.But he is convinced it will be okay.Not the end of the world I am thinking by end of sept, I can convince him to send those 2 and any others I realize to camp.

    Will my banty be able to service the big girls and will the full size rooster always back down to him? I am guessing not.ANy thoughts?
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  2. AHappychick

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    Dec 16, 2008
    with 28 girls he should be able to get his own groupies from the flock. [​IMG] it might take a while for him to lure some ladies to his side but if he is doing the dance then he has started the wooing and I am sure he will get some ladies to see his way [​IMG]
  3. bkreugar

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    Jun 18, 2008
    Asheboro NC
    Do you believe with 24 girls to 2 roos that freerange during the day that I could possibly keep the mature roo AND the banty roo happy?

    Isn't the ratio 10-15 girls per roo?
  4. NellaBean

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    I think it is more 5-10 per roo in normal situations. Your situation would be 12 each, which I think is more than plenty.
  5. Uppity Peon

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    Yes, I think you should have 2 houses, one for each rooster and his girls. If they are far enough apart the roosters should be able to avoid any real conflicts.

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