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    Hello, new to 4 a few days ago and I want to start getting ideas as to how to house them. I have chickens and 2 runs Im not using next to the chickens...I have one very large run, that is the size of maybe 2-3 dog kennel runs....and thought that would be great for them...I use to have chickens in them....

    But it had no coop...just a few roosting branchs and tarp over head for shade and privacy fence sitting like a lean to.....

    so can you all post pictures of your duck houses? please

    ALSO HOW CAN I MARK AND BAND THEM SO I KNOW WHO IS WHO???...I dont want to buy a bunch of bands for just 4 ducks...
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    First off, to tell them apart you can buy zip ties, and put them on their legs, tight enough so it doesn't get snagged on their back toe, but loose enough so it doesn't hurt their legs. You can also buy nail polish, and paint their toenails [​IMG]
    These pics are of my Pekins enclosure
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    Thanks for posting that link, helped a lot. I put my babies in a baby tub to swim and I was amazed the knew how to swim so good and even Underwater!! The smallest one, the little mallard barely swam but the pekin and one you all say is a blue swedish swam gtreat.

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