Can you breed a buff toulouse to a gray toulouse?


10 Years
Feb 26, 2009
Well, I know its possible, but will I get weird funky colors that aren't showable? I am going to be getting some dewlap toulouse, and if I can't breed them together (without the chance of getting bad color) then I will only get one color.

Pretty sure you would get mixed coloring. Do you mean the dewlap toulouse? I love the buff dewlap toulouse.
Yeah, it would be Buff Dewlap Toulouse

Hmm. So I am guessing it would be a bad idea to mix them.
If the you cross a buff male to a grey female you will get grey males and buff females.
Grey male to a buff female produces all grey offspring but they will be split to buff.
Buff is a sex linked gene in waterfowl.
Awesome. So that means if I breed a gray male to a buff femal, I can actually color sex them...that would be nice.
Thanks for the info. Very very helpful. I guess I will be ordering some grays and buffs.

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It doesn't matter what breed the genes still work in the same way. So will definately work with the sebs.
Thanks for the info shavalgen!
Do you know alot about color genetics?
We're fumbling around in the dark on the new Seb forum trying to figure out colored Sebs and how it works.
Maybe you could give us some advise?

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