Can you get a frizzle from a molted Cochin and a silkie?


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Does it matter which is male or female to use to get frizzle chicks. I have a pair off molted Cochins and I believe 3 buff silkie girls and possibly one black silkie male. Just wondering on how this will work and what ones to use? Thanks for the help. Also if I'm not in the right section let me know where to post!

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Correct. Silkie feathers aren't frizzle feathers. Frizzle is a gene that causes the feathers to curl backward. Silkies feathers are just silkie.

I didn't word it very well. A silkie bred to a frizzled bird will yield sizzles. Silkie feathers that are frizzled.

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The gene that causes silkie feathers is labeled "h," and is an autosomal recessive gene. The gene that causes frizzled feathers is labeled "F," and is an autosomal incompletely dominant gene. Autosomal means that both parents carry two copies of a location for a gene; sex-linked means that the cock carries two locations, but the hen only has one. So, it doesn't matter which parent provides the gene.
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