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10 Years
May 1, 2009
Can you get little buggies from your chickens? Yesterday I was out in the coop with long pants that were dragging in the bedding and when I left I started itching all over! That evening sitting at me computer there was this teeny little bug crawling on my stomach, it was like i said teeny but very visible to the eye, it was like a light reddish brown!!! Help Please, do I have buggies too? {Took shower but anything else] I have a pan of DE for them to dust in and hopefully they use it for dusting but then why would they have bugs?
Thankyou so much for ANY thoughts you could share!
It could be mites, but it really sounds like chiggers....Are you itching madly?

If you start itching and it is chiggers, then finger nail polish suffocates the little things...Oh and if you are a male, feel free to use clear nail polish...

Have a blessed day.
Oh darn, yes I am still itchy but how could they survive my shower tho, and I'm a girl!
chiggers burrow into the skin to feed. the fingernail polish, or vaseline, or whatever is to smother them.
OMG - I posted a subject about this a week ago
I took cotton balls and did listerine up and down m y legs, then I tried ACV up and down my legs
Then I moved onto Lanacane
don't know which one did it, but I'd say it was the listerine.
It was awful itching, for days and days, non stop, only frmo my knees down to my ankles. I thought it was allergies.

If I think I may have got into chiggers.... right before I get out of the shower I spray off in "those places" with some light bleach and water mixture in a spray bottle or something like Clorox cleanup spray for the kitchen. For the most part... this seems to keep them off me.
I don't leave it on long... just enough to spray, rub it around, and rinse it off.

Also, we always called them Red Bugs (which is a proper common name) down in Mississippi. I never heard the word "chigger" until I moved to Tennessee.
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