Can you give fish guts and heads as a treat?


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Oct 27, 2009
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Was hoping some of you have some wisdom about whether or not it is safe? My son likes to bring home fresh catch from the pier down at the beach. He gave them the guts this afternoon and they gobbled it all up.
Haven't given the heads yet. Any opinions?
I gave my sick girl Tuna cause it is full of Vit B1 and Vit b2 she is much better now. She had a curved breast bone and was off her feet for a while.

I have loads of Prawns at the moment and I was wondering the very same thing>???? I mean could I give my girls the shells and bits left over from peeling them??? It seems an awful wast to throw all of that if the girls can eat it?????? But I don;t want to make them sick or end up with tainted eggs. I heard if you give them green peppers or Onions it can cause the eggs to taste horrible can this happen with Fish too?????

Anyhow if anyone knows more would be helpful???

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Well, I'm giving it a try. There aren't a whole lot of guts, but, my girls sure do like them!!! The heads are a bit scarier, I guess it's a good use for them. I'll let y'all know if we get fishy tasting eggs afterwards and be sure to eat them as breakfast, not put them in any baking.

I read something somewhere about a potential for parasites in the fish??? This doesn't seem feasible to me as anything that could live in a fish in the ocean shouldn't be adapted to live in a land bird. Anyone?

Anyone else with some experience on this?
Mine get peppers and crushed red pepper all the time; no change in the taste of the eggs. We eat the onions so don't recall giving them any. I also give mine garlic powder in their feed which does not seem to change the taste of the eggs.
Absolutely yes! Big protein punch!

Ok - but what about cooked prawn shells??????????? Anyone before I poison my girls?????????????

Oesdog ????
Heck, yes, give them fish anything. They aren't going to eat anything that will hurt them. Wait until they've done their worst, and then clean up the mess as best you can, putting all that remains in a tied plastic bag that you can dump into your weekly trash pickup.
ETA This post makes me wish I could/would attack killing, finishing a chicken to eat. Ain't thar yet, butcha never know... maybe someday.
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