can you help me ID my fruit trees? very pic heavy


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Oct 5, 2008
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we have tons of trees fruiting on the property. can you help me ID them?
here are some pics. oh and if you could tell me what i can do for the browm spots an leaves and buggy fruit
it would be much appreciated.
apple or pear tree maybe in front of one of the rows of grape vines

fruit from tree above

leaf issue same tree as above

cherry tree?? kind??

i am not sure on this one

same tree as the above with buggy fruit

another tree

different cherry maybe?? kind??

not sure on this one wither looks like the other 2 above

this one is apple but not sure which kind, do you know

there is also what appears to be a cherry tree in the chicken run too. and a ton i mean ton of berry patches all over.
hello jams, pies and

heres some berries, grapes and a tulip tree pics also for fun




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well the easy ones are the pears and grape vines. the damage to the fruit is something you need to deal with early. for example, my peaches have to be sprayed once it buds out in February and then every other week to prevent the insect damage i think i see on your pears. the leaf damage may be fire blight. a copper based fungicide should help. fruit trees are fun but take some work.
Last pics: grape vines?

Very last pic: blackberry or raspberry bush?

we have 3 apple trees out back of our house.
But we better watch for worms...
second may be apple but it seems early if it is, third is sweet cherries, 4 th looks like red bartlett but I dont know about your zone but if those pics were just taken your alot earlier than we are.

-Damage could be fire blight, but may also be a fungal infection like Mycosphaerella. The spots seem to be following the veins. It'd be a good idea to take a leaf or two to the extension office to have your problem ID'd before starting an IPM plan.

-possibly Rainier Cherry


-This damage could be either insect/animal damage, or perhaps Pear Blossom Blast. Again, your extension office could help.


-most likely another cherry

- the last couple tree fruits look like apples, but it's hard to tell variety.

Nice amount of fruit varieties... hope you get good harvests!
4 maybe a Bing Cherry-
nest ones are pear trees

It will be very hard to tell what var. of apple, cherry, pear tree you have.. You will have to take samples of the mature fruit and tell what color, texture, size, taste of each on.. I have four dfferent pears--each have almost the exact leaf but the fruits are all different color, texture, taste, use. One is an old fashion cooking pear--It'ss bright green and very hard but sweet as sugar--makes great canned pears. I have two eating pears--one is a red and one is green and another one that is good for eating or canning. Then I have a Bradford which is only a blooming pear...

Second to last is a Tulip Poplar tree---honeybees adore these.
your trees are as follows according to the pictures posted in order:

Pear (probably Bartlett) *someone said apple but I'm going to differ on it due to shape of fruit, leaves and bark on tree - my apple trees do not look like this nor does the bark, its not smooth, pear trees are smooth* - but it could be an apple.. just heavily deformed too... LOL

Cherry ( could be Bing or Ranier - I'd bet Ranier)

Pear (either Red Barlett or Red Anjou)

Cherry again


Apple (looks like Granny smith)

Grapes (have no clue what kind though)

blackberry bush

I have barlett, red anjou and bosc pears - granny smith apple and gala apple trees, as well as Lapin Cherry trees. I also have Concord (seeded and Seedless) and White grapes, and blackberry, raspberry, and blueberries all on premesis.

ON YOUR GRAPES - be VERY CAREFUL that you do not have a type of poison ivy mixed in there - it actually LOOKS LIKE GRAPEVINE complete with what appears to be grapes
- I found out the hard way this past weekend while out doing yardwork. What I thought was "wild grape vine" growing in my woods near the edge of the yard was in fact, NOT a wild grapevine at all! It looked exactly like my grapes, complete with bunches just like you have pictured, so I thought it was planted out there from over 100 years ago when they had an orchard here. NOT!
DH and I are now covered in Calamine lotion.... ugh! Some of those leaves in your photo look much different than the others - and I'm telling you, unless you look VERY carefully, you cannot tell the "fake grapevine" from a real one... so be careful!

Hope this helps you!
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Not convinced the first one is a pear... almost looks like apple to me, but agree with Henny's Mom on the rest.

I ran a couple of orchards from age 16 to 18. The cherry is a Ranier. Sometimes they use those for Maraccino's.

Should be interesting to see how that 2nd cherry colors out.... hope you'll post pics later... they should be ready to harvest the 1st and 2nd week of July!

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