Can you help me preent and treat Bumblefoot


Sep 25, 2015
Ok,so a ton of my bird shave bumble foot,some I cannot tell.One of my bantam cochins has a huge swollen toe on both feet,and i'm noticing limping.

I will be doing this procedure myself with someone else here in about 2 days.

My question is do I wash the feet,find the black,circled scar on the Cochin feet?I see no scar due to the mud and etc on her feet,do I slit the toe open even if I cut the scar out,do I squeeze all chickens feet till blood and infection are out?

Just would like some assistants. Also will they bleed out,is that a concern?How long should they be quarantined?

My next question is how do this many birds get this,just all of a sudden?Is it contagious?How can I prevent this?Are they probably getting this because due to how muddy things got?

Things are dry now but we would like to put mulch down on the ground to keep things dry.


7 Years
Oct 7, 2012
McMinnville, Oregon
Hi soak her foot for 3 or 4 days and epsom salts for 20 minutes on the Fort day take a scalpel and make a small incision between the toes where the bump is or the Bumble make sure you wear gloves because it is staph infection after the incision was made i pushed my thumb under her foot upwards and the Bumble popped out she's doing fine no problems that was two years ago. This will not be fun for you or the him make sure you have someone to help you and also cover her eyes with a soft cloth or washcloth

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