Can you identify these two stray chickens? (Pics)


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Nov 11, 2012
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Ill give anyone 1000 points if you can identify these two chickens. And the points don't matter.

They were given to me from someone who didn't want to feed them over winter. Before I received them they only had scraps and what they could find. I have to have them separated at all times from the rest of the flock. Even the bantams and silkies pick on these two. They have great apetites. They are scared of everything, very very skittish.

One is a hen, one is a rooster. Two different combs. Different coats, different feathers on heads too. But the feet look the same on both. They look like some kind of spruce hen or maybe mix. Not so much like a chicken.


Middle is the egg laid by the mystery hen


Odd shaped toe


Same looking toe as the rooster

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Well, looks like you have a couple of genuine barnyard crosses! The rooster is nothing that I'm familiar with. The hen looks like she has some ameraucana (EE type) in her (little beard, tiny wattles, green legs). The crest could come from silkie ?? The comb is odd looking! It's amazing that she's laying for you, given the change in living conditions and time of year. You must be feeding her well!

Curious to see what others say.
maybe easter egger silkie mix? I have a few silkie mixes with tuff of hair like that on top and no silkie feathers. And the hen has a EE beard? most of my silkie mixes dont have feather feet
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Thanks, Wishing4Wings,
The EE was a good tip. Yes, they are fed well and have a great coop. Warn even in Alaska.

Ohylime, I don't know if I would call it a beard. But she definitely has sideburns and a mow hawk. lol

I'm starting to think they are Araucana crosses. I really like the mow hawk and sideburns on the hens face. She looks neat. Wish she wast picked on so much, I would put her with the rest of my flock. Any idea why my original post has weird spacing between the lines? I tired to fix it though the editor but it goes back to wide spacing.

The cross is probably Ameraucana (true Araucana are fairly rare) or EE. These breeds sold by hatcheries are almost always EEs. Does the hen's egg have any blue/green coloring to the shell? Check the inside of the shell under the membrane when you crack it open.

As far a the spacing for your post, chalk it up to a BYC glitch. This site works great most of the time, but occasionally weird things happen. Cyber-Ghosts!
first one reminds me of aseels or some other game fowl breed so maybe a mix of one of them. the hen looks like a polish mix to me

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