Can you make a rooster "sweet"?

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I came home from work tonight to find the 12 yr old DS on the floor of my laundry room feeding the new cuckoo maran rooster chick apple slices and grape jelly.
Now I would have never thought that a chicken would like jelly, but I don't think like a 12 yr old boy.
He obviously knows more than I, because the roo loves jelly.
Now, I'm going to have to set some boundaries - laundry room is for laundry not chickens, jelly is for boys and not chicks. However, it brings me to the question:
can you make a rooster nice, really "sweet", with grape jelly? (Or is he likely to rebel later on and chase us out of the yard because we've stopped with the sweets?)
Your thoughts?
Omg that is so funny. My 10 year old son went through a faze like that however it wasnt jelly. His chicken really likes him though, and it was nice to see him bond with it. But it really just was a faze. I didnt see any harm in it, but he did it outside not in the house.

Good Luck to Ya
We were given a batch of Banties last April... we hand raised them -- we were told about how the attitudes change as they get older (and some really do) But NONE of my Roo's ever got "mean-- except one OE... Named Ronnie (After DH's Brother lol!) He was a scrapper and attacked all the other chickens, and pinched me and DD a couple times--

SO-- I made it a POINT to always go to him 1st with treats... once he got used to that, I'd tuck him under my arm and carry him with me while I did the chores-- giving him tidbits the whole time...
Now he (and his brother Rip Van Wrinkle) are the sweetest Roo's in the place!

My Silkies still try to avoid us (Except Elvis-- he thinks I'm his sweetheart) , but they put up with petting and an occasional cuddle... the sebright-- well-- Dexter has issues, but IS sweet when held when and If you can catch him.
Unfortunately, the only Standard size Male I kept is our white Americauna Hedwig.
He is a wuss-- terrified of everything (except smaller females) DESPITE being totally pampered from day one!! (He's still only 8 mos old tho...and was bullied quite badly early on... we're still working on him!)

If they are hand raised, and then pampered during the "terrible teens" period, you can end up with really sweet Roo's, despite the breed or age!!

But ya gotta face it: some are just genetically mean-- they end up being renamed---like drumstick or dumplings!
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