can you overdose you chickens with vitamin E?

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    Aug 6, 2015
    I am wondering if too much vitamin E can actually harm your chickens. I started giving vitiamin E+selenium supplement in their water and 2 of my chickens began having leg problems. (one of their legs would turn a little bit inwards causing them to limp.). I've had marek's before but none of my deceased chickens(due to Mareks) had this symptom.
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    I am not sure
    How much and how often are you giving them supplements?
    What type of feed are you using regularly?
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    I would never give Se. Commercial feed mixes will have adequate levels. If you mix your own feed and the grain is grown in a deficient area than you do need some but very hard to get the level right.
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    Why were you giving the vitamin E and selenium--did they have symptoms of wry neck? What dosage were you giving? It's best to give things like selenium as an oral dose to each chicken. As said previously, they don't need much, around 25 micrograms of slelenium daily perhaps. Most feeds are sufficient in vitamins and mineral if you are using fresh, name brand foods, but the longer they are on the shelf or open, they can loose nutrients.

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