Can you please Post pics of your Aracaunas! I need help!


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Apr 16, 2011
Vienna, Maine
I am trying to find out what my aracaunas should look like and what the show circumstances are. I have a light one, a medium one, and a dark one!

Please post your pics!
These aren't my pics, they came from the breed index- hope they help
I am not sure what you mean by light dark and medium. Here are a few of mine.

White tufted roo and two cleanfaced light barred hens. All Rumpless

Silver duckwing hen, cleanfaced and rumpless

Golden Duckwing Rooster, cleanfaced and rumpless

Splash hen rumpless and tufted, not a standard color for showing

Birchen rooster rumpless and tufted, not a standard color for showing

I also have lots more pictures on my website of my birds.

ok thanks! Also i dont know if mine are roosters or hens. they are 2 months old what should the difference be if any between hens and roosters!
Where did yours come from? It might help if you posted pictures of the birds you have questiions about.

this is them, the lighest one does have blue in her

does anyone have any idea what colors they are and what they are as males/females!
When you stated that they were purchased from TSC it was a dead giveaway that they are EE's and not true Araucanas. Sorry you were mislead but you are far from being the first victim! But, EE's are wonderful chickens. Great layers of blue or blue/green eggs (usually) and come in all different beautiful color patterns. As a breeder of Araucana's and EE's I do like to point out and educate people of the difference in the two. Hatcheries have been guilty of this deception for too long now. Enjoy them for what they are! Charlie
Definately EEs and not araucanas but it looks to me like you have 3 beautiful girls. Their colors will stay pretty much the same they are now I think.

EEs are very sweet birds. You will love them.

Can EE's be rumpless like the Aracaunas? I too got some from TCS, only they were supposed to be GL wyandottes, LOL, and one is without tail feathers. Just wondering... Thanks.
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