Can you put pinless peepers and/or antipick bits on bantams/Seramas??

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    Nov 20, 2016

    I got some new adult Serama hens to befriend my recently widowed single Serama hen and have gone through all of the recommended steps to properly integrate them (a month quarantine, weeks with cages side by side, introductions in the open, introductions after dark, etc) and it appears that the new hens are little eyelid ripping death ninjas when they come in direct contact with my old hen. They give each other stink eye and posture through their cage wire (despite having been neighbors for like 6 weeks now). It is evident that the new hens want to murder my hen and stake claims on her digs. Sooo, from what I can tell, pinless peepers work really well in terms of dealing with these issues in standard chickens. Antipick bits appear to work for pheasant/quail keepers, as well. Can antipick bits or pinless peepers work on Seramas? My birds have awfully small nares. Could a pinless peeper be modified for smaller birds? Are there other better products available?

    FYI, I am only considering using these products temporarily until my birds get used to each other.

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    Introducing adult birds can take months before they tolerate each other and closer to a year before they begin to act more like flock mates. I know nothing of peepers. I would plan on penning them side by side for much longer before trying to integrate them. You have to wait long enough for them to forget the other one doesn't belong.

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