Can you raise mealworms in breadcrumbs?


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Aug 29, 2013
I was just wondering, bakeries here give away old (usually white) bread, could you dry it, crush it, and use it as substrate for mealworms? Anyone tried it?
hi ya

sounds like a plan ,btw my girls love their bread to

thanks for sharing

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I'm having a go. Got a box of dry bread from the bakery, mashed it up with a hammer, put the mealworms in. Now wait and see. Free feed :)
Interesting idea if you have access to that much. Don't think you would even have to really crush it up that much, bet they would live in and between the slices if you just stacked them in there. Used to put slices of bread in mine sometimes on top of the wheat bran instead of fruit/veggies and they would eat them.
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Well some crushing is necessary as these are whole loaves.

Not entirely sure if it is working, though. I have some dead worms/pupae. But I got my first beetle today, a week after adding full size worms.
I'm sure it might be to much work for what its worth. But what if you cut it into slices and put in a blender? I know a lot of people that raise mealworms on chicken food. They use a blender to mash it up.
I used to have a dedicated aquarium to raise meal worms for my box turtles. Used bran for the bedding. Add slices of broccoli stems for moisture and added nutrition. Worked well. These days, the mealworms live in the turtles' pen, burrowed in the bark. I toss veggie ends in there (broccoli, carrot, potato). They eat it up, and the turtles hunt for the worms.

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