Can you say WAY TOO MANY CHICKENS!! Southwest Virginia

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    Dont Hit the BuyITNow button PM me if interested. I have lots and lots of chicks that are just a lil over 2 months old.
    OEGB spangles (5 hens 4 roos) $15 for a pair and $20 for a trio,
    OEGB (1 roo and 4 hens) $15 for a pair or $25 for them all $10 each per hen,
    Pairs of Bantam cochins whites, blacks, and split black lav or lav pairs $15-25 per pair,
    pairs of my cinnamon red bantam cochins $20
    Sizzles and PQ silkies $10 each unsure of male or female on alot of these for sure males $5
    Standard wellsummer roo's $5 the same age as the others
    and 1 black standard cochin roo $5. about 9 months old
    I also will be selling a show quality barred wyandotte bantam roo ( will consider shipping just on him) $25

    I can take pics and post them just let me know what your interested in here are a few I already have

    some of the sizzles and silkies

    The barred wayndotte roo

  2. pamperedpoultry

    pamperedpoultry CHICKENFIED

    I am sold out on the lav pairs, and cin reds. I still have a few sizzles, a few silkies, OEGBs and the wellsummers roos. I also have some black bantam cochins and 1 mottled hen and a few mostly black bantam cochins left

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