Can you sex chicks this young?


Feb 5, 2020
These are supposedly buff orpington australorp crosses with a possible barred rock mix too.

Black australorp was the roo!

From what I can guess (and I'm new to this completely)
I'm guessing 2 cockerals and 3 pullets (fingers crossed on the pullets 😂)
they are 2 weeks old.

The two with the yellow heads have huge combs so that's why I feel they are cockerels.


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May 8, 2017
Eastern Connecticut
Ok, if the austrolorp was, without a doubt the father... I'd say that yes, you have some BR crosses in there... and the BR crosses would be male.
A female barred rock (or cuckoo marans or any barred) can only give her barred gene to her sons. When breeding BR to BR, the father gives both his sons and daughters his barring gene, and mom gives to the boys... That's why they're lighter; they have double barring from mom and dad.
Now, the ones with white head spots... they carry the barring gene, which they could only get from their mother (IF YOU'RE SURE THE AUSSIE IS THE FATHER). So they're sex linked and would be boys.
Pic two I see three cockerels and a pullet.
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