Can you sex my Silkie Bantam chicks?


7 Years
Sep 18, 2015
Somerset England
Hi everyone,

So its been six weeks or so since my two chicks hatched. They have grown a lot since then, here they are when they hatched:-

And here they are now.

This is "Buffy", you can see from the lovely crest which of the two this is:-

And the other is called "McNuggets" (LOL), a poor scrappy looking thing with a patchy neck, quite a large comb for its age and wattle:-

As you can see, these chickens are completely different in appearance. So what do I have here? Initially I thought Buffy with her fine crest was male, but as times gone on I feel "she" is a hen. What do you think?
Buffy is likely a pullet; McNuggets a cockerel. I say this simply because he has larger wattles than Buffy. It is difficult to sex chickens at this young age, but that would be my best guess. They're such pretty silkies!
Those would be my guesses as well, but theres still plenty of time for them to change.

Silkies are EXTREMELY difficult to tell gender on.
Thankyou so much for your replies beetandsteet and howfunkyisurchicken! They really do look quite different so Im sure there is one of each here. Regardless I am so delighted with them!
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A little update for you.... McNuggets indeed is Cockerel confirmed LOL!!

Also you can see how much they have grown again here!

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