Can you show me your BLACK JAVA'S??? Please


11 Years
May 8, 2008
South Central IL
I'm VERY VERY interested in raising Black Java's this spring. But I'm patroling the net looking for some and all I'm coming up with is the ones that are speckled. I'm guessing that, that is the moltted.

Can some of you show me your BLACK JAVA'S so I know that I'm not looking for the invisible chicken!
Black Javas are very rare... But that is part of the attraction!

I once had a Black Java chick name Zoey but she had a leg problems and died. That was several years ago, actually.
Sorry don't have any so I don't have any pics; try searching yahoo images.
Try They say they have black and mottled javas. I've been looking for them also and couldn't find them. I'll probably see if I can pick some up in the spring. The farm is only a couple hours from my house

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