Can you spoil your chickens?

Eggie and Me

10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
Southern California
These are a 6 of our 7 girls. Is there such a thing as spoiling your chickens? Ours are 9 wks old and anytime they see me they go crazy. In an extremely friendly way.
This pic is their FIRST time to roam MY yard. Mind you they have their own, just no access to "their" veggies.
Yes. And I do regularly!!!

Edited to add: Is any of your herb garden left? I can't believe a leaf of that basil remains!
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ha ha I think mine are spoiled to they always think I have food for them.lovely chikens I have golden comets and two white roosters that I don't know what they are.
OH YEAH! they went crazy for the Basil, they especially like carrot tops and radish tops... We only let them FREE FEED in the garden for about 15 minutes, then they ON THEIR OWN went back to their yard for a nap. Way to cute...
10 days is so great. What ever you do don't blink. They just change so darn fast. Thank you,
I was really concerned at about 6 weeks they were just so funny looking. Pin feathers, regular feathers and then that cute fuzzy stuff... And here we are 9 wks and they really are chickens.
I agree about how fast they grow! I have NEVER seen an animal change as much from one day to the next as do chicks! We have 18 one month olds and I swear if I could watch them non stop I would see the feathers change before my eyes!!!

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