Can you tell me approximately how old this fetus is? *WARNING GRAPHIC*


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
We have two silkies sitting on a clutch of what was seven eggs. They are sharing the clutch. Is this weird?

Anyway, on Saturday I found one egg that had been kicked out of the nest and was cold.

Today, there was another kicked out, also cold. I opened it up, pic below. We are not sure how long they have been brooding. We thought the eggs were due last Saturday, but no babies yet. I don't hear any peeping, but it is noisy out there! I candled on Sunday and saw movement in at least four of them. This is my first hatch of any sort. The babies are the offspring of Silky moms and a Light Brahma papa.
Based on this picture, how much longer do you think we have to wait?

RIP, little baby.

I think its pretty well formed too. Reckon 18 days + Should be hatching soon, in the next two or three days. The cold egg you found - doubtless it has died and the mom/s knew and that is why they rejected it. Often they know long before we do if something has gone wrong. It doesn;t mean they will reject them all. Just keep an eye on whats going on it could be the hens are fighting over the nest.

Oesdog Sad you lost that one.
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Very good picture, by the way.
Interesting to get a snapshot of what inside the shell would be looking like at that stage of hatching.

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