Can you tell me if they could be a roosters? pics included


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Sorry, scroll down for text!

Lilly "Fluffy Butt"

Daisy at top, Buttercup, Rosy "the Rooster", Lilly "Fluffy Butt"

I have two buff orpingtons and two australorps. I asked for sexed chicks when buying because I can't have roosters. They are six weeks old and one BO and one AUS have slightly longer taller tales than the others. Also, my short tailed BO has always been fluffier and heftier, hence her nickname "Fluffy Butt." I should add that from the beginning my Rosy (BO with the long tail) has always been the pushy one and she earned the nickname "Rosy the Rooster." Now that it may be true I'm sad because she's my favorite. And now my long-tailed Buttercup (AUS) has been standing up to Rosy. What's going on? I could use some expert opinions, and even personal ones too!
Please tell me my girls are all girlies! Just tell me they all grow differently!

Long tailed Rosy and Buttercup, then Lilly

Difference in tails???
Hmm, how old are they?? They look like normal chicks to me. I don't see any tell tail signs of roos, but let me know how old they are and I could get you a closer guess.. About 4-5 weeks?

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