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Hello all,

A dear friend incubated and raised four Peafowl for me and gave them to me at the age of about 3 months. That was about 2 months ago. I have no idea if they are males or females, and also what type. My primary concern is that I read the Java ones are less cold hardy. So can you take a peek and let me know what you think? I have two white ones, which I did not photograph. Here are the two I was wondering about. Thanks in advance for any input!!

Thanks Zazouse,

I appreciate the input! So, I don't have to worry about either of them being a Java?

I know my photos are horrible. If I had a better photo of the top one, do you think you'd be able to tell the sex?

Thanks again,
Many thanks!

I have just one follow up question. Because the Spalding is a cross including Java, should I be worried about heat for this bird. Currently their pen sits under a barn overhang and is protected from rain and mostly protected from wind. Should I put a heat lamp or other source of heat in there when it gets below 32?

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I have read they will be ok and i have some that have green blood but are low percentage and all of them do fine in freezing weather and mine sleep in the trees.
My thoughts on green mixed with blue ( spaldings ) and Javas. What is the reason that you might put heat on crosses ? And at what temp. ? The temp is never a firm number as a lot of conditions will vary. even the kind and size of their roost.. The main reason you need heat is for their feet... the feet and toes are normally larger and if the bird can't cover them with the body to keep them warm , they can get frost bitten and rot off and this ( depending on how bad ) can weaken the bird and make it harder for them to eat and to be cock of the walk and other birds pick on them and can be deadly. The bird itself if in good health with a litle extra fat on them will do fine if the feet are warm. The females do not have as great of problem as the males do. I have used heating strips with thermostats with good results. these are normally covered with some type of heavy cloth, be it old carpet or uphostery. I have 3/4 spaldings that do well here with nothing but a good roost and we have some minus 0 days . Do keep an eye on them because there is always the chance that they can get burned also if all does not go well..
Thanks for the additional information. We are in the process of adding plywood to portions of their pen to block the north wind, and we will widen their roost to cover the toes issue. The coldest I ever remember seeing here is -5 F and it very rarely goes below 0. I would certainly prefer not to add heat, and it sounds like that will be an option with some pen/roost modifications.

Yoda, I did not post pictures of the white ones as I thought that it would be impossible to tell anything about them as they're both completely white. But here ya go:


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