can you tell me what you would pay for these


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Jul 29, 2009
goose creek sc
i have to secure the front of my property and am really interested in these

they are the one in the top left hand corner

they are made out of iron and are spear heads

the side fences are 4' and the gates are 8' at the highest and 6' at the lowest

what would be an honest price for these as i dont want to pay more than scrap value and he has been trying to sell them for months and the first post that he had he made sure he assured everyone they were in front of a governors mansion and are antique but i dont care about that and he said they are worth 2500.00 but in this economy no one is going to pay for that unless you find a collector and right now that is one in a million

thanks in advance

i was going to start at 300.00 and stop at 500.00 but please tell me if that is crazy

the gates themselves are 10 ft wide and the fences are almost 10 ft wide so in total its almost 30 ft wide
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yes the one on the top left is a set

its a set of gates 10' wide 8' to 6' in height and a fence on either side 4' high and almost 10' long

the whole set is spear head and iron

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I would start at $200..... and negotiate from there to the top end of your budget of $500 ...... irrespective of their age and what he considers a fair price for them.... they will need work done on them as the main gates look really rusty..... second hand gates can only command high prices if they are in better condition..... just my opinion... but good luck, hope you get them at a good price...
Iron work is high but they do look like they will need some work check a local welding shop to find out how much they can build new panels and gate for then that will tell you what its worth I myself wont even crank my welder for less than 50.00 and generally charge 35.00 per hour so it will depend on how bad seller needs money

good luck
You would have to pay a lot if you had them custom made at a iron smiths, but the gates in the picture have been around a long time and are not in top condition. So I agree I would start at 200.00 and stop at 500.00. Just because the gates came from somewhere doesn't mean that they are all that special. Obviously the Governor didn't want them any more.
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