Can you tell what breed?

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    I adopted 7 hens who have been balded a by a roo. I was told 3 are Amaracaunas, 1 is a black star, 2 are Plymouth Barred Rocks, and she forgets what the buff colored one is. I realize being bald may make identification tough, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

    [​IMG]The one top right corner is supposed to be barred rock.[​IMG]Same bird here, you can see the neck is kinda stripy?

    [​IMG]Here she is laying down. Also in this pick is the unknown buff.[​IMG]A better look at her.

    [​IMG]Here's the black star?[​IMG]Here are a couple of pics of the eggs they give us.[​IMG]
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    I see a silver laced Wyandotte, a couple EEs, a barred Rock, a black sex link (black star), a red sex link, and a production red.
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    Thank you guys!

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