can you wash a silkie?


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
I came home with a new chicken from the market today. Dang it - they really are addictive! I had four......all of them are just 6 months old......two D'uccle bantams, one EE and one Barred Rock (who started laying this week!!!) First one!
So, we went to the market today and came home with a blue (black) silkie. She is a year and a half and sooooo cool. I love her. She is in the coop with the other girls right now.....she is in a dog crate in the coop. So, what do I do next?
But, mainly......can I wash her? She is kind of stinky. I guess her feathers look kind of dirty in places. Kind of dirty clumpy feathers on the feet, face, and a little mangy looking on the ends of her wings.

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