Can your everyday mutt breeds be meat birds?

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    So....i've been upgrading and working on coops and breeding pens and sorting out different cockerels at such....

    I have so many cockerels...and roosters....most are total slackers. [​IMG]

    That arose the question i have...

    I have this reasonably good looking cockerel (Ceaser) and hes a meaty type of bird, i breed him myself, and hes just going to waste.
    There are no Cornish crosses around here.....but im sure he would get mistaken for one, hes taken after our big hes still young.

    There is also a 2 year old hen....shes not as meaty as could be, but i dont want her for meat....

    Im wondering. That hen, if i bred her with Ceaser, and kept the line going, could i use the cockerels for meat? For each batches, since Ceaser will be a good meaty bird, wouldn't he pass that onto the chicks? Of course, i dont think the pullets would be that good of meat, but since most of my own hatches are mainly cockerels, i wont have to worry about extra hens...

    Folks around here are always looking for good meaty birds, and since most dont have Cornish X this could be a good project...

    Im guessing, i will have to work on the breeding line to get big meaty-ish birds...but i dont know if it will work.

    If the hen is just your ordinary laying mixed breed hen, wont the chicks take after her? Or will Ceasers Gene make the cockerels meaty-ish?

    Appreciate your thoughts

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    Of course. That's how it used to be done.
    Even silkies make good meat birds. They all taste just like chicken.

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