Can your hen actually HURT you?


9 Years
Apr 9, 2010
Gilbert AZ
I keep reading about people using gloves for broodies... or that people are scared of their aggressive hens, but has anyone had their chicken actually hurt them?

I ask because my 2 broodies are downright evil, but it doesn't actually hurt when they peck me. My first one would be puffing up and pecking me like mad when I made her take her daily break, but it was just like hard tapping. Maybe it's because they are BOs? There's no way their hardest pecks could ever draw blood or make a bruise-- do I just have wimpy chickens?
No, that's all my broody girls ever did to me too. They are not out to kill and eat, they are just out to defend their domain.
Yes they can, I already had mine draw blood. She was fine me grabbing her eggs but afterwards I tried to pet her and she went OFF. Scratch my arm up a bit. Come inside with bloody streaks on my arm and have to explain to the hubby about moody hens and their personal space.
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Sure a hen can hurt you. Mine peck, startle the crud out of me, so I jerk back suddenly, whack my hand on nesting box, trip over hen #2, and land in the waterer.

Stupid broodies.
The only time I was ever hurt by one of my hens was when one was sitting in my lap and took an interest in my eye ball. She popped a blood vessle and it bleed all through the white part of my eye. Not pretty and hurt really bad.

I still love her though!
My broody BO pecks my hand less hard when I reach to check her precious eggs than she does when she's competing for treats I hold in my hand. And even then it doesn't hurt, it's just a strong pinch and is startling.

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