canada geese attacking hawks


11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
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My Coop
ive seen a group of canada geese try to kill a hawk that caught a mallard duck does anyone know if any other bird species will attack hawks like that on the ground? I read some place silver phesants will go after them also
I've never seen it on the ground, but I will often see smaller birds attacking larger birds while flying, and it's not just hawks either. It's called mobbing.
Geese, Roosters, Mocking birds, Crows, Scissortails, Sparrows, ravens, are a few I have experienced attacking hawks both in air and grounded,Personally my goose does some wierd stuff when a hawk is present like Honking,hissing, he also will charge flapping his wings and some kind of wierd vibrating thing he does. I am sure more byc members can add to this list with there experiences

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