Canada Geese Imprinting ~ One goose or two?

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    Apr 6, 2012

    We moved into a small SD town from our ranch. The first poultry I ever had was 6 Canada goslings. I put them in a brass set up fence outside so they could eat the grass. One the third day, when I went to bring them in, they were gone. We and neighbors we had called looked through the tree shelter for hours for them. I found one and if I had it to do over again, I would put her in something she couldn't escape from, because she'd keep calling and the others would probably go towards her calling. But I was a beginner and did not dawn on me for about 3 weeks! So she was the only one we found. Oh we loved her! I bought a diaper harness for her and she was always with me. At night or if I took a nap, I'd put her into her brooder (a large plastic storage tub with hay in it) and I'd put a beach towel over the top. About the 3rd time, she settled down fairly quickly with her teddy bear. When we were a month into having one goose, I realized how overwhelming it is to have one imprinted goose. I had started an online business before "Goosie" and I ended up ordering a pair of Chinese geese from a hatchery. Goosie actually took to them right away and seemed to mother them. She was much more calm with them around.

    Now we have a big back yard in a small town, but I can't forget how much a goose poops. They poop often and a lot! I have a pair of Welsh Harlequin ducks but I got very ill right after they came and was hospitalized several times in their first months. So they aren't scared of me, but they are not pets or imprinted by any means.

    My question is has anyone have two geese imprint on them? Hatcheries will only ship 2 at the least. Since I am still sickly and seeing specialists I wonder if I should get 2 Canada geese. If I keep them inside a lot the first weeks, will they both imprint on me, on humans or each other? How have 2 geese turned out for any of you? And have any of you tried to keep one goose, but been overwhelmed by their dependency and got another one?

    I have 2 Welch Harlequin ducks and wonder if I kept her inside the first few weeks and then introduced her to the ducks, she might not feel so lonely - the past goose bit and acted mean toward the Chinese geese but just for about 2 days and then she acted motherly toward them. I'm worried about 2 geese and 2 ducks in a town backyard - 2 Canada geese equals a whole lot of poop.

    Sorry so many questions, but do any of you use a dog scooper for geese poop - on the ranch I didn't worry about it except for the porch. I thought I'd get a cordless hand held wet/dry vac for inside. I'd rather get just one goose but what do you think about introducing her to the ducks gradually and then letting the 3 be in the yard & bringing the goose in sometimes.. I kept Goosie's wings clipped (you just have to do it on one side, and it doesn't hurt them if you don't go so high that blood comes out.) Then she could flap and fly over a 4 ft fence, maybe higher if the wind was blowing. Since I'm in a small town and this would be a Canada goose which people shoot and eat, I might clip both wings, worrying that she might go over the top of the fence.

    I think a Canada goose is the best pet in the world. I'd rather have one than a dog. That was more love than I've ever received! Please leave any ideas...? Oh and poor Goosie - I learned the hard way with poultry what not to do. We went to a cabin in CO for a summer. I took Goosie. I left her in the shed for the first day. The second day, instead of bringing her into the house with me or staying outside with her for a long time, I stayed there for maybe a 1/2 hour and heard the other geese screaming and I looked out and Goosie was flying away. (She never tried to fly on the ranch - the other geese couldn't fly so she never even tried.) I ran outside and called her over and over and again as the sun was setting and again the next morning. My husband went around to the neighbors. I never saw her again. I think geese are like cats. When you move, you can't just let a flying goose outside - she didn't know where she was, so she flew away. I just want one more last try with a Canada.

    Thank you - any opinions or experiences would be SO appreciated!! I've been following my husband around asking him these questions until I think he's ready to put ME out in the duck pen! LOL
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    If you haven't already seen this website, I think you will find it very helpful:

    Two geese will imprint on you, but not as strongly as one will. It's my understanding that a single gosling imprints on you and thinks it is a human, but a pair or more of goslings imprint on you as mom but also retain the knowledge that they are geese.

    In the latter scenario, they tend to grow more independent as they mature.

    Do not clip both wings. All this does is even the bird out. Better to clip just one. Even clipped, a Canada goose will be able to achieve some lift. I don't think there is any way to 100% prevent that... maybe pinioning? But pinioning always seemed so cruel to me (Fly Away Home is one of my favorite movies and I'll never forget the game warden with the toenail clippers).

    I'm not sure if you can raise a single goose and then put her with the ducks. She is most likely going to think she is human and be confused about why you want her to socialize with ducks. LOL But if you did it young enough... maybe. I know my Welshies are very gentle and on the bottom of the pecking order in my flock. Love those ducks.
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    I use a leaf rake for the excess goose poop on the lawn.
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    Does anyone else's dog think that goose poo is a total delicacy? [​IMG]

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