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Aug 28, 2011
Hi everyone....I am new to this forum and need some advice. I live in Ontario and we have an abandoned Canada Goose. He/she is blind in one eye and has been abandoned by its parents. He turned up on our lawn (we live in a rural area) with no parents in sight and we estimate he was about a day old at that time. (found Friday 13th May). We have tried to take care of him ever since (yes...I know it is illegal to keep a Canada Goose, but for us it is not an option - he was in need of protection from predators)......3 months later we are still taking care of him - he thinks we are his parents and the fact that he is blind makes it almost impossible to rehabilitate him.. Having said all that we are trying to do the best we can..we have built him a 'shed' (5 x 5 x5) which is enclosed within a dog kennel run (10 x 10) - we also have a large pond on the property which he has access to when we let him out.
The main problem right now is where do we go from here (?). Winter in Ontario can be pretty harsh and we work during the day - this means we leave in the dark and return in the dark - what do we do with him during the day? Normally we would lock him in the 'pen' while we are at work and let him out for a few hours at night; then lock him up for the night (we used to keep him in the house at night but just yesterday we tried keeping him in the shed overnight - he was not too happy....).
We are even considering getting a larger cage and getting a companion for him (a duck or goose that is legal to keep)..any advice, suggestions as to what happens now.....??

Many thanks

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Quote:I think it is wonderful that you help this gosling survive, now as far as telling you what to do you'll have to decide what is best. But i will say geese are hardy and as long as they have protection from cold drafts they should make it through the winter without difficulty but if it was me I'd get it a friend if it has to be by itself so much. my gander which is Emden has been raised with Muscovy ducks so they will bond with either. I wish you both the best as You decide what to do and again Bless you for saving it's life, we had a pair of canadians nest on our river a few years ago, when we would walk down there it was obvious one of the goslings had a problem, well one day we heard the geese fly off, they had to leave their gosling behind, It broke my heart and I'm sure theirs. I heard it crying and then nothing. believe me I will never forget that sound.


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May 29, 2009
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Get him a friend
He will be much happier with another goose or two. He is human imprinted, but is young enough he should bond with another goose or two. He would have company all day when you are gone.

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