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Canadian BYCers!

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by FarmMomof3, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. FarmMomof3

    FarmMomof3 In the Brooder

    Hey all! I'm up in British Columbia!
    I currently have 5 ISA Brown Hens (The Clucker Clan) that i recieved from Rochester Hatchery in Westlock Alberta.
    I am awaiting a new order from Rochester of 25 Danish Brown Leghorns Chicks that are coming of the 21st and then on May 5th 20 BBB Turkey poults are coming! This will be our 2nd year doing Turkeys. It went over very well last year. We raise them for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for people in our community. I really enjoy caring for them, even though they don't live very long at our farm.
    We also have Steers in the spring and summer, sometimes milk cows and calves. We are thinking about buying some dollar calves for our children this spring, having them raise them up and them sell them off in the fall. they would keep the money they earned from the sale. It's an idea.

    Anyways... Thought I would throw my hat out there for other Canadians on the site... Just to say Hello!

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