Canadian duck owners help us please ...


Dec 24, 2016
Hello everyone,

I have two beautiful pet ducks and i am residing in UAE. I will be relocating to Canada by the end of this year. I desperately want my ducks to relocate with me as well. Leaving them in Dubai is something i cannot imagine. The weather is extremely hot and most of the farms here have bad living conditions for ducks and are taken for slaughter. I have checked with a pet relocation company in Dubai and this is what they replied to me :-

Dear Jenny
Thank you for your email.
Beyond Canadian Authorities, mostmunicipalities disallow pet ducks, unless the area provides an exception for land designated as agricultural.
The pets’ owner will be required to contact the local area they are moving into to inquire if such an exception may be available in their area and the associated costs."
I would suggest that your first step would be to contact the above authority in your local area to confirm if permission to import your pets would be given. Once you have clarity on this, I would be more than happy to assist further.
Warm regards

I am totally new to Canada and haven't decided yet on where im going to stay. I request youll to please help me find a home for my pets in Canada. Someone who legally lives with ducks already and who is willing to adopt my two precious little ones. I will bear all the financial costs. All I need is a safe place for my children. I want to move them first and then i will join them there. If they are comfortable with their new home in Canada im totally fine or i can take them back once i move in there. I want them out of this country for good. Im married and have no children. I treat them as mine.

Please help me find a home for them.

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