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Discussion in 'Gardening' started by SarniaTricia, May 21, 2012.

  1. SarniaTricia

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    Hi everyone... I am a bit late on my gardening cycle this year... Planting is usually done here on the Victoria Day long weekend. (this year May 21st) so the danger of frost is past.

    We moved in May and have just managed to get the garden cut.
    Clay soil with a lot of stones. We will do alot of mulching this year to improve the soil for next year.
    The garden messures 25ft X 42ft. DH said it was way too bit from the start, but I pushed and got it.
    I tend to have abundent success with tomatoes (huge plants that end up taking over a garden)

    We plan on getting the mulch next weekend and getting the garden in. (one week late)
    Here is the photo of were we are May 21st:

    I will update as available.
  2. SarniaTricia

    SarniaTricia Songster

    I laid the black landscaping fabric yesterday:


    Planted some of the plants tonight and watered like crazy.
    I'm just waiting on DH to fix the truck for me to go and get the mulch!
    I think 4 yards should do me!
  3. wyoDreamer

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    Nov 10, 2010
    NE Wisconsin
    Good luck with the new garden! Looking good.

    It sure is alot of work to get the sod and grasses cleared out so you can plant vegies. I cleared an old abandonded corn field back in WI. It was 50x50 and after three years, I was still pulling out chunks grass roots and corn stalks.
  4. SarniaTricia

    SarniaTricia Songster

    We rented a sod cutter and took the grass right off.
    Roped in the kids and got it all cleared in a couple of days.

    We are getting the mulch to lay tomorrow, after my darling fixes the truck.

    Will keep the photos updates coming.
  5. Daisy8s

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    Sep 12, 2011
    Central Michigan
    Envious of your fresh start...oh the things I would do differently if I were planning my garden today!

    We used a sod cutter years ago when we made a bunch of little beds. It was wonderful. I stacked the sod and made earthen walls as you might see in England to separate off a little nook. They've held up reasonably well all these years later with a bit of reseeding and heavy watering when it's dry.
  6. SarniaTricia

    SarniaTricia Songster

    Thought I would update with my next steps:
    Garden is 1/2 planted.... and 1\2 mulched...

    Still need more black landscaping fabric, mulch and planting to do.....
    It is alot more work for the first few weeks, but worth it cause there is less weeding during the year.
  7. JimnTer

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    Feb 16, 2012
    What are you planting? Just tomatoes or do you have other vegetables in there also?
  8. SarniaTricia

    SarniaTricia Songster

    I have now have tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, beans, peas, potatoes, cucumber, melons, lettuce, char still have to do planting and mulching work....

    In the photo I didn't have all that planted yet.

    I am a very hodge podge planter/ gardener... I plant it, if it grows I eat it, if it doesn't I plant something else there and move on....

    Fun and eatable, kinda like chickens!
  9. JimnTer

    JimnTer In the Brooder

    Feb 16, 2012
    With what you have planted 25x42 is definitely not too big. I would be willing to bet you end up expanding it next year. Heck, you don't even have room for sweet corn yet! LOL! Mine is currently 65x90, also in Ontario, though quite a bit east of you.
  10. SarniaTricia

    SarniaTricia Songster

    I got the sweet corn seeds, but changed my mind....
    I figure I will hit the farmers market at the right time of year and buy it instead this year.

    Jim n Ter were are you in Ontario?
    We are talking about taking a weekend trip to Stratford in a couple of weeks to see a breeder about black pendensences.

    Off topic side note:
    I am looking to have a rainbow egg basket....I have red sex links for light brown eggs, Marans for dark brown eggs, leghorns for white eggs, Ameracaunas for Blue eggs, Olive EE fore Green eggs.... the only colour missing is the pink eggs... I am told that the Black Pendensences lay pink eggs.
    The only layers I have right now are the red sex links... by the end of this year I will have my colourfull egg cartons for sale. [​IMG]

    I got onion sets today so I will add them tomorrow morning.

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