Canadian gosling left behind because it couldn't walk

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  1. I have inherited a Canadian gosling who's parents decided to nest in the boat. The goslings were in the boat and the parents were circling around in the water. All of them were taken out and put in the grass next to the water. One was stuck in a net and had to be untangled (I did not do the untangling so unaware of any injuries that may have occurred during) They all went in and swam away with the parents but one could not walk and was left behind. So of course it was brought in. He/she is eating and drinking well and legs are starting to move, but it is not able to push to walk. Although it does try. (He called male for now) He has been eating clover, grass. And day one ate oatmeal and eggs as well. Today, day two, is laying in the grass eating clover and drinking and floating and moving a little in a bowl of water. His little feet do not seem to web. Right now it looks like he is starting to web between the first two toes, but only those. ANY ADVISE is appreciated. Oh yeah I think he is within the first week of his hatch date. I will try to post a pic. But because of prior geese bringing there babies to me to feed them. It looks like a few days old. [​IMG]
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    When you say he ate oatmeal and eggs the first day, how did you fix that for him?
  3. Scrambled eggs. And it was instant oat meal. Is yours still bit eating?
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    I haven't seen him eat, and when he drinks he lays in the water and mostly just dips his beak in. So I mixed up some chick starter with water and added a tiny bit of electrolyte mix (dry powder from Gatorade) and a tiny bit of sugar. And then fed him with a dropper. I just put him back into the brooder under the heating pad. I will have to try the scrambled eggs and instant oatmeal. Maybe he will eat that better.
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    I raise Canada geese , having a baby around with no one else would be tuff. Do you have any ducks or geese around? He will need company....they hate to be alone.
    as long as he eats right now that's the main thing.
    Call your local feed store, they may have some feed that will be just fine if you don't have any other poultry around.
    . Bunny pellets crushed up to powder with some ground corn to powder , even sprouts chopped finely would be a good diet for him. Figure 1 cup would be good for a day....make sure the protein level of any feed you buy is less than 16%, they get angel wing easy if its higher.

    he doesn't need to swim right now as he probably didn't get enough oil from the mom to stay afloat.
    I would suggest if you don't see yourself raising call Stromberg hatchery ......and ask them if they have any customers in your area that have Canada they would take him and raise him with his own kind.. .I would even call a vet in your area and ask if they have any customers that have canada geese.....and go from there.

    Its not good to ever raise one alone, they really do like flock company......if Canada' geese don't have company...they do wonder.
    For now the main thing is to keep him healthy and safe. My suggestion is where ever you keep, in the corner of the cage he lives in
    get some duck tape and tape 2 hand mirrors so they touch in the corner of his cage......that way he thinks he has 2 friends. place a soft bed for him tucked right up close to the corner in between these 2 mirrors ...that way he will nestle right there and see himself and think he has friends and not alone.

    Place a nice 60 watt bulb over him about 15 inches up over where he sleeps......and fix it so when he is in his sleeping area...the sides of the bedding come up around his chest a little so it keeps him warm. in other words...make a nest where he can climb in and keep warm;.

    but press the front down so he can see himself in the mirrors.
    I hatched only one duckling one year and this is what I had to do ....he grew up and did just fine and I still have him.

    your main concern is.......................don't allow him to think he is alone...keep his diet low in protein and keep a light over his head for the 3 a thermometer taped on the far edge of the mirror...he needs to be 90 degrees the first week...85 degrees the second week.....80 the third......75 the forth;......then you are home free...he can take a reg temp. if he begins to leave his bedding area under the light...that means he is too hot...raise the bulb about 5 inches......and if he returns to his bed...its fine.

    get some NIACIN...or brewers yeast and place a pinch of either in his water once a day to prevent bending legs......without niacin all water fowl would never walk. They get it naturally from worms and bugs in the wild....but in your care.....keep niacin which can be bought at walmart....he should have niacin 4 days a pinch a day in water.....until he can forage.

    he will begin to change colors in about 8 weeks....and depending on his honk you will be able to sex him...if he has a low cold weak horn...a tenor honk honk sound...its a boy......

    if you have any questions.....feel free to contact me
    jean in Idaho.milkweeds884 at yahoo
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  7. Thank you for your help. Unfortunately we were not prepared for this when it happend ( who ever is right). So we bought him inside so he wouldn't feel alone and scared. I'm pretty sure he's imprinted on me now. But... with that being said, we just came inside from sitting with another family of geese that come visit all year long. They just had their 3rd year of babies they brought to me. We sat with them and they seemed to communicate. My hope is to get him healthy enough to join the family while he is still young. We can sit with them at least twice a day. I have heard that other families will take in a orphaned baby. But of course at this time he can't walk away with them. I also have seen his family twice and they have also communicated but they have not come too close. My other family sits in the yard and plays awhile with me. I'm going to post a pic of his poor little legs. Maybe someone will have seen this before.
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    Will he stand on his own at all? Maybe he is just week, or could possibly been situated in the egg wrong?
  10. He can't stand at all on his own. But he is trying and scoots a little. He's seems to be getting stronger by the hour.

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