canadian gosling looking for a home or rescue near wv any ideas?


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May 18, 2011
Yesterday my mom and I were watching the geese near our work when we noticed one baby (less than a week old) all alone getting picked on by the others. We waited and watched hoping momma could come to its aid. Well after the others tried to drown it we had enough. We saved it out of the river and brought it inside to rest . After a bit we saw another family with similar sized babies so we hoped it would belong to them. They were okay with it until they all got back in the river then they would not let this little guy come with them. He was already back in the water by this point and too far to get so we had to watch as he swam off all alone. We were really sad and sure he would be eaten or killed soon. A few hours this little buddy swam back across the river and back to us. We quickly saved it and he has not left our side since. I know its nature and we shouldn't of gotten involved but its hard to watch a poor little baby get attacked. Now we are trying to find a place or person or rescues/raises them. If you know of anyone near Northwestern WV that would be able to help us please let me know. This little gosling has touched our hearts and now we just want to give him the best chance possible.
From what I've learned on here I'm pretty sure that Canadian geese need to be hatched in captivity in order to be legally raised in captivity. He'll need to go to a wildlife rehab. I would call vets or maybe your local fish cops to find out what to do with him. Good luck.

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