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    Hey folks:

    Listed here are birds that I am getting rid of. They are located near Renfrew Ontario and I can meet anyone IN Ottawa, Montreal, and Thetford Mines Qc or along the highway between these points. I travel frequently from Thetford to Renfrew.

    Any birds not taken will be sold at the Kemptville bird auction in April (for more info on this event check posting here on Montreal Ottawa bird auctions).

    Hens: 7 Silver Spangled Hamburg hatched in 2006 and a rooster that is mixed with dark cornish
    Hens: 5 brown RIR cross laying hens 2005 hatch
    rooster: recently acquired, looks like Columbian Rock
    above birds, make an offer

    Old English Black game bantam rooster, free
    dark cornish cross hens (2005 hatch?) free
  2. BaronRenfrew

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    Last call:

    If you want any of these; speak up. The sale is coming saturday.

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