Canadian Serama Enthusiasts: Genetic Diversity Project!Please read!

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    *If this is the wrong section I apologize, but I thought this would be the best place to put it.

    So the title says it all, I want to do an order of Serama chickens, to bring a larger genetic diversity to Canada! If you are not familiar with the breed, I will give a description of the Serama to the best of my abilities (if I got something wrong, don't hesitate to say so [​IMG] )

    The Serama chicken originated from Malaysia and were imported to the States By Jerry Schexnayder in 2001. These beautiful birds are considered the to be the worlds smallest breed of chicken, ranging from a 'large' 19 ounces to as small as 8 ounces and even smaller, averaging at about 12 to 15 ounces. For comparison for folks out there, APA standard weight for an Old English Bantam is 20-22 ounces ;
    Serama are a muscular breed, with a full upright chest, vertical wings and an impressive large, vertical tail. Their temperament is one of there greatest attributes, as they are originally kept as the #1 pet in Malaysia, they are some of the sweetest, loving birds with a spunky flare to show themselves off! These birds do not tend to breed true to color, and as there are over 2000 documented color varieties, they come in MANY different colors and patterns. There are also some different feather varieties: Smooth feathered, frizzled,silkied, even booted (though not very common).
    Over all these birds make wonderful pets and are some of the most beautiful poultry out there.
    Here's a link to Jerry's website-

    would like to get a group together who are interested in these amazing birds and order a group of birds, hopefully from numerous flocks, to have shipped to Canada.
    Now I myself am reading more and more everyday about shipping across the border, but in general, the birds being shipped must have been tested and approved by a USDA approved vet with in the last three months prior to shipping AND they will have to be looked over a second time by a Canadian vet when finally in Canada to insure they are in healthy order. I know this is a lot, But I believe that if organized properly, this can work.
    I will be posting more information soon, mainly about reputable breeders willing to work with us and rough estimates on prices etc. etc.

    Thank you for all your time,
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    Quote:Get with Heather Hayes a Canadian Judge that is listed under SCNA Judges on

    There are some nice American Serama in Canada already.

    She is on the west coast.

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