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    Hello. I had a male canary that has a marvellous sound. I bought him 2 weeks ago a female in order to breed. It seems she has an eye infection and it transfer the infection to the male. I asked the man from which i bought her. He gave me an eye drop . Saying that it will get well soon. My friend told me to use fucidine ointment but am worried if it will get worse. Any device plz?
    Pics attached the first two for the male and the second two for the female
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    I'm sorry to hear your canaries are having a problem. Yorkshire coop has given you a good link to find some help. Hope their eye infections clear up soon.

    Thanks for joining us!
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    Do you have an avian vet that could see them? I hope it is just a simple problem. We had canaries when I was a young girl.
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    Poor things.

    You can buy human eye drops from the drug store... they are safe for their eyes.

    You should either replace the perches in the cage or really clean them.. because the birds will scratch their itchy eyes on the perches and spread the infection about more.

    I had a budgie get a really bad eye because an ant bit its eyelid and would not come off. I only noticed in the evening and had to catch the bird and pull the ant off... a few days later the eye looked like your canary eye.. but was more closed and weeping. I just got the human anti biotic eye drops and used that on the eye several times a day.. after gently bathing the eye with damp cotton wool.

    It got better in less than a week.

    Good luck with your birds.

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