Cancer, has it touched your life?Prayers for a friend .UPDATE Goodbye.

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    ancer is a nasty, vile, devil of a disease. It leaves no one unscathed. Cancer does not care whom it hurts, be it child, or adult. It does not care if it leaves spouses devastated, family & friends wondering why.

    Cancer challenges doctors, laugh at treatments and takes away dignity.

    I would rather go through natural disasters than to go head to head against cancer. You may be wondering, how can I say this, do I have cancer? NO! But this nastiness has touched my life, many many times and it still is today. I have lost many loved ones and friends to cancer. I watched as it turned two of my uncles, always larger than life to me into small, helpless men. I can barely remember my great grandmother, always a strong willful woman, she worked hard, become weak, frail, the sparkle gone from her eyes.

    I have even experienced it in a beloved pet, those last few hours of his life ebbing away, dignity gone and the look in his eyes saying "Please no more pain"........

    I was blessed to be able to spend a week with my eldest Uncle, the week before he passed away. I slept by his hospital bed on the couch in the living room of his house. He would awaken me during the night. Sometimes he babbled on about things that had happened years before, he would call me by others names. But there were many times that week, that we had the best talks of my life. I will never forget that night he awoke me, I sat there talking to him, he was babbling, in the middle of all that he reached up, touched my face and looked me in the eyes, he said "You Will be okay" . Cancer, while having touched my life, causing my heart to break, has also left me with memories, these are what I cherish.

    I will always miss those that cancer has taken from me, some much too soon. I am being touched by this disease once again. A friend of mine, while I have not known her long, is on the final leg of her journey. This person has left an indelible mark on my life and taught me much in the short time I have known her.

    I am already hurting, I hurt for her and for her family, they are now dealing with this devil. This friend is wise, an extremely knowledgeable horse person and can be somewhat opinionated, I have a great deal of respect for her.

    I know in my heart she has faced this disease, run head long and full speed into it and has fought for all she is worth.

    Once again, cancer is happy, it is breaking hearts...... but it is also leaving memories.

    What I am asking for here is Prayers! Please pray for this friend and her family. They have a lot to deal with these final days.

    Cancer wrecks lives, breaks hearts, but prayer can help!

    This has weighed on my heart all day, I finally had to just write this out. I am sad, but I feel some better.
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    [​IMG] I too lost an uncle to cancer. Your friend is in my prayers.
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    Sorry about your friend and family members. My son in law was just diagnosed with cancer -- 37 with 2 little kids, lousy health insurance -- already had surgery and now facing radiation treatments and the uncertainties of the future. It seems like the anxiety of wondering what is coming down the pike is the worst. One of my daughter in laws had cancer diagnosis last year and just had another surgery . . . they also have 2 little children. Life is definitely not fair.

    It seems like life is kind of cruising along ok and then you get a diagnosis and your life is changed forever. . . even if you are cured. Hopefully there are lessons about love and the goodness of others as you go through the process. Luckily prayer gives strength.
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    Prayers! [​IMG]
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    Yes i hate this disease more than you can know.....first it took my BIL , then my OLDER BROTHER, then my i have been fighting it for 3 years.......terimal , i am doing my best to win this battle, but i have seen better men than me lose their battle, one being my are so right it will take the strongest man , and reduce them to nothing but skin and bones.

    God bless your friend in her battle with this CANCER CRAP.

    Link to a cancer support thread.......good [place to go when your down.

    Thanks Debby
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    Quote:[​IMG] Your welcome. I think she can use the support of that group. Have known Karen for a while now, and she is the kind of friend we all need.
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    Karen, I am very sorry to hear that this dreadful disease is claiming another win. I do not know for sure whom you speak of although I have my guess. Please tell her that I am very sorry and will pray for her and her loved ones. I will also pray that God gives you comfort as I know you will miss her and have scars from watching her go through this.
    May I also say that your post was quite well stated. I think you summed up the thoughts of many who have been touched by this beast.
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    Quote:Oh Deerman,,.. [​IMG]
    Cancer is indeed an evil disease.. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    So sorry, Karen.. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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