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    central Ohio
    Earlier this year I wrote about my oldest brother diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He underwent surgery and radiation, and, thank God, is cancer free right now and doing very well, is back to work. Thank all of you for your prayers for him. Now I have a second brother diagnosesd in November with colon cancer, a 3.5 inch tumor. They did surgery and removed that tumor but also discovered a tumor in his stomach, which they can't remove. They want to treat him with chemo, but he cant afford it, who can, at $60,000.00 per MONTH. He is considering not doing the treatment. WE are sure he will die if he doesn't, though right now he is doing exttremely well and is also back to work. Can anyone relate any success stories about this treatment, are there ways to obtain financial aid that are not obvious, can anyone help him? He is a successful attorney and has had his own practice for many years, so he is fully aware of a lot of options. But, I can't do much else for him besides try to help in whatever way I can, and this is one way. Family could lend him SOME money, but really it would just be a drop in the bucket. Please help, and your continued prayers for both my brothers, as well as the rest of us, are appreciated, also.
    I have a third brother and a sister and it is becoming scary for us as my mother also had breast cancer several years ago, and my sister had some type of cervical cancer at a very young age. Both made a full recovery.
    Anyone who has any success stories with either type of cancer or treatment, we would love to hear them. [​IMG]
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    Wow! So sorry to hear about this! Does he have health ins? I cant believe they wouldnt treat him even if he didnt have the money....
    good luck to your family.. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I have heard of successful homeopathic diets..extremely strict diets..that detox the body and shrink tumors and a lot of people choose this over toxic chemo, and many have survived. That's a crapload of money a month, I think I can't really blame him, but he needs to do SOMETHING. I will be praying for you and him as well! Sorry for your family!! Google cancer diet and see what you might come up with as an option.
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    i am so sorry,
    that is a ridiculose amount of money!
    you all will be in my prayers [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I have heard of successful homeopathic diets..extremely strict diets..that detox the body and shrink tumors and a lot of people choose this over toxic chemo, and many have survived

    The main dietary component that effects cancer growth is carbohydrates. The more carbs (sugar/grains/starches/processed foods/high fructose corn syrup) you eat the more likely you are to develop cancer.

    Another factor is vitamin D levels. The lower your levels, the higher your cancer risk and the lower your survival rates.

    Diet CAN help, but I would do both if I was in his shoes....take a chemo treatment while making sure my diet was better and my D levels were right.​
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  6. Imp

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    Check with other healthcare providers, and other medical centers. Something doesn't sound right about this.

    Good luck,

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    Thank you. He does have health insurance but it is pretty limited. AND a while ago he opted out of additional coverage, a mere 75.00 per month, that would have covered colorectal cancer treatment costs, though I don't know about chemo. I know that sugar feeds cancer and have heard that too about holistic treatments. I just think the cost is mind blowing, too....
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    Quote:It's time to look into medicare/medicaid. Also, Social Security if needed. My son was 1/2 through his chemo when my employer decided to let me go due to insurance premiums going way up...

    So my son went on Medicaid. He's now covered for life for cancer.
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    I am sorry to hear your brother is going through this. That price you quoted is awfully high. Has he asked his doctors about other, less expensive chemo drugs? If not, he might consider that or getting multiple opinions. I have never seen those prices though. Even some of the more expensive chemo drugs are only about a quarter of that. There are some that are much, much less expensive. That is the price and he HAS insurance? I can't even imagine how frustrating.

    My own medical care has cost me tens of thousands of dollars and I have insurance as well (not nearly 60k a month though). I have paid for it by taking out loans and unfortunately, even borrowed $20k against my house. Chemo drugs themselves though, can vary a lot in cost. One of my first suggestions would be to ask about less expensive treatments.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your brother.

    I have a friend going through a similar situation. She has decided to fore go chemo for alternative treatments.

    I've been reading about Dr. Simoncini lately -- the Italian oncologist who's been treating cancer with sodium bicarbonate? It's fascinating, because some folks in the medical community are wondering if it's actually the sodium bicarbonate in chemo that cures cancer... but that chemo's other toxic properties explain its low success rate.

    I know it's a long shot, but maybe something to look into.

    I'll say a prayer for your brother.

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