Candeling brown eggs is hard! Please help :)


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Oct 9, 2009
Hi guys!
I was trying to candle some of my broody chicken's eggs and I could see through some of them but then some I could not see through one bit.

The ones I could see.. I did not see any veins but I did see a dark spot that looked like a normal sized yolk. Another one was a very large looking dark spot that would slide around when I turned the egg. The other ones I could not get anylight through at all.

I thought that maybe because they are the brown type, it is more difficult to see veins etc? Are the very dark ones that do not let light shine through fertile?
Or just rotten?
They have been sitting under her for about 20 days or so.

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Mar 25, 2008
Brown eggs can be very tough to candle, that is for sure! Especially the dark brown ones.

I use a Surefire flashlight now that will shine through the darkest of eggs for me. Up until I bought that flashlight though, it was hard to see through some of the darker brown eggs.

It's hard to say whether those eggs are fertile or if they have a chicken in them or not. It takes 21 days for a chick to develop and hatch out, so in the next day or so, you should know.


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Oct 9, 2009
Wow those flashlights are expensive! But I guess worth it if it will let me see in the eggs

So when a chic is almost fully developed can you still see through the egg with a flashlight?

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Not usually. When the egg is full of chick all you can usually see is the air pocket and usually thats good enough. I've had some funky looking air cells at lockdown and the chicks do well.


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When I was hatching, I used the sufire, works like a charm. A new toy though for about the same price is the eagletac! More lumens!

SO is a sucker for flashlights and such though.... we have like 4 surefires, an eagle tac....and an HID spotlight.

If you can see the veins and bones though your hand, you can see through the egg.

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