Candeling eggs 7days old

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    I was hoping that someone could help me figure out if my eggs are growing. I have been incubating them since the 5th and this is the best 2 pictures that I could getm i have 8 eggs and the other is jist a dark mass at the top. Also i have 2 EE olive eggs and i cant see to candle them and if any one has any advice for candeling these eggs it would be greatlygreatly appreciated thanks in advance.
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    It's really hard to tell with those pics. Do you see any veining at all? If you candle by shining your light down into the egg from the air cell end it should give you a little better view. Also you might want to check this out for comparision, (just note they are bantam eggs and easier to see into)

    As for the green eggs, I can't see into mine either. If you have a powerful enough candler you have better chances, but I use a decent flashlight and still can't see more than my air cell and a vein here or there.

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