Candeling Jumbo Browns

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  1. I know a fresh egg has a and light blue tint, ones in the bator I can't see thru, I am goin into lock down and want to remove any bad ones so they don't burst and nasty everything up... any clues? links? Thanks. Hope Saturday will be the big day, never tried hatching before, lookin forward to it...
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    For my quail eggs, I use one of those tiny keychain maglites. The small aperture fits snuggly against the fat end of the egg. You'll need to do it in a pitch dark room. You could also float the eggs in a bowl of 100 degree water. Watch the eggs for a full minute. If it wiggles, it lives. I don't prefer this method for fear of throwing out a live chick. Sniff the eggs, and if no one smells bad, they will not go bad in just the few days of lockdown.
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    If you can't see through the eggs you are good. I also go by smells, if its stinks throw it out!
  4. I don't see thru any of them and no weeping or smell, I did notice a couple with a larger air sac than some. It is at the big end even though i am hand turning on their side. Thoughts?
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    The air cell is at the large end... Quail eggs "blow'n up" is not a common thing. More than likely the bad ones will just "weep" and smell funky... As said above, brightest light you can find and the darkest room is key to candle proper... Good luck with your hatch....
  6. Thanks, getting a lil more excited every day...

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