Candle warmer for heater

Gary palmer

Jul 13, 2017
I had a staggered hatch and have to keep to late chicks in the house with me as well as take them to work. I had a heat lamp on them but it's a little chilly out tonight so had to put it back outside for another group of chicks I have. Has anyone ever heard of using a candle warmer with a folded up wash cloth over it used as a heat source for chicks to lay on? Do you think it's safe?


7 Years
Sep 2, 2014
NE Ohio
Not sure about the temps of candle warmers, I think theres multiple brand w/ different configurations. Some w/ halogen lamp from the top adjustable, some with fixed distance and some with heated plate from the bottom. If it only maintain 90-95* temp after trying it out for an hour or so it will work and it’s very ingenious other wise could be more of a danger to the chick over heating or under heating.

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