Candled and moving eggs from the Brinsea to a Little Giant ???????????


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Aug 3, 2010
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I candled for the 1st time tonight - out of 29 shipped eggs, all that I could candle (7 Marans were TOOO dark to see anything at all) - all but 1 had
little chicks in there - hooray! 1 had veins but might be a dud - did not look like the others and was pretty porous.
I was worried since they delivery was delayed, this was our first hatch and the electric went out one night for an hour or so, which freaked me totally out.

Now - that leaves 28 eggs in the bator and there is NO WAY chicks can hatch in there - it is Far too tight, so I bought a Little Giant
tonight and thought I'd maybe move them before the hatch into it . . .

Good Idea or no?

If so, what do I need to go in the Little Giant (didn't buy a turner) - what settings, when to move the eggs?
Without the turner, should I just lay the eggs right in or place them on a towel or something?
what kind of bator are they in right now? is there a turner in it?
I do not understand "too tight"

You have to get the LG stabilized before you do any moving.

99.5F about 40% humidity

there should be a screen in the LG.. lay the eggs directly on it.
If you cover it with a towel, you might not be able to get your humidity up..

If the other bator has a turner, just move the extra eggs to the LG.. take a couple of each kind..

the 1 hour power outage should not be a threat..
I have a Brinsea Octo 20 -
I say too tight because I see no way a chick could hatch and get out they are packed sooo full. . .
point down. . .to sqeeze them all in . . .
I will set up the LG 48 hours before moving - I planned to move about 1/2 to it. . .

Will moving them cause a huge issue? What day should I move them - day 18?
Here is a pic of the bator packed - am I wrong to think I need to move them?
I'd rather not if I do not need to

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I am not familiar with brinsea model numbers.. does it have a turner?

I have double decked eggs already and they hatched..

I would wait until day 18..

I would also set up the LG as soon as I could.. and it would be ready when you needed it.. just in case you have a problem with the humidity or something.. it might take more than 48 hours to correct..
Wait until lock down if you must move them. There are so many horror stories about the LG's, that I would chance it with the Brinsea. You may end up pulling more eggs before hatch, which will give the remainder more room. Unless your eggs are stacked, I wouldn't worry about the crowding. They make do climbing over broken shells and each other. Even if they have plenty of room they will almost always end up piled in the corner on a bunch of shells.

I trust the Brinsea more than the LG.
The Brinsea Eco20 is meant for 24 hen eggs. That is according to Brinsea. If you have 29 in there it is a little tight. IMO I wouldn't move them. I woudl wait and candle them again on day 14. Like stated before, I would move them before lockdown. It is risky to switch incubators in the middle of incubation. (We have done it, but not a good idea) especially to a brand new incubator.
Okay. Today was day 14 - 20 had chicks and movement, at least, I think and 7 were Marans and too dark to see through. . .

I'll leave them in the Brinsea if they will be okay there.

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